On the eve of a (potentially) stressful week…

So, let’s be real here for a minute (or however long it takes you to read this)…

I have no problem with TV. When I was pregnant with Reagan and we needed to pack up our house and move when she was 2 weeks, it was my babysitter. And unlike that damn Netflix that is so judgey, (yes, I am still watching Superhero Squad – LAY OFF! I HAVE A HOUSE TO PACK!) I do not judge people who use the TV. Don’t defend yourself when your child knows the entire theme song to Blaze and the Monster Machines (I have googled the lyrics – it’s a tricky one). I don’t care that you only watched it one day because you had the flu. Watch that TV all you want! It’s made for a reason, right?!

I also don’t judge if you don’t allow TV or only allow a few episodes a day. More power to you! Totally cool (because also….doesn’t affect me in any way at all, so..) 

Dylan watches TV. A lot. If we’re home, the TV is usually on. I try to make sure that if he’s playing, it gets turned off. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where he doesn’t ask for it to be turned on in the morning or he asks and I’m able to redirect him. But those days are very few and far between. And at the end of the day, Dan & I can pretty much always tell when he’s had all TV days. He is mouthy, crabby, lazy…just an all around not pleasant person. When he’s watching and wants his show changed, it’s like a switch in him and he demands that it gets changed. Not only is this an awful trait that I do not want my children to have, but it’s pretty degrading hearing a 3 year old demand that you change the channel.

So I am doing the unthinkable. Maybe not unthinkable for you, but it is for us. Don’t judge me.

I am going a week without TV. 7 DAYS. 168 hours. Well, 91 awake hours (yep, I did the math).

My thoughts before attempting this crazy, ridiculous feat? I am terrified, not gonna lie. I am going to try to fill it up with play dates (literally just texted my friend to set one up) and lots of at-home activities.

Feel free to join me! Comment below and keep me updated on your progress or feelings….I have been talking about doing this for weeks and I just needed to do it. Now that I’ve blogged, there’s no turning back.

What am I trying to accomplish? More blog posts (ha), less attitude, more mommy / Dylan time, human interaction, putting more miles on my car…anything but sitting in front of a screen all day. I am not sure if this will make me not want to use the TV afterwards or cut down on our screen time or maybe even watch MORE TV. We shall see…

Wish me luck. Hopefully EVERYONE comes out alive on the other side.

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