Ugh, you guys…I have been slacking big time. It sucks.

My house is a disaster most of the time and I don’t feel organized at all. Blogging was much easier when I was about 2-3 weeks ahead of myself.

So, I will be blogging less frequently to try to catch up. I have thought about this A LOT. But I don’t have any other solution. Because I’ve found myself just pumping out short quick blog posts with low quality, and that’s not what I want to do. I also have been neglecting my family which is also not what I want to do. When I made the decision to stay home, it wasn’t to blog. It was to spend more time with my kids and do more around my house.

And while this explanation of my temporary absence isn’t necessary, I felt like I needed to elaborate and be honest and real because that’s what I’ve always wanted my blog to be – real!

If I want to make something of this blog some day, this probably isn’t the best move for me. But like I said earlier, I am neglecting my family and my house. That is not the direction I want to take.

So, hang in there with me…I do plan to get back up to blogging 3-4 times a week. But I feel like I need to slow it down a little to get my quality blog posts back up. Bottom line – I’m getting lazy and need to refocus! You understand, right? 😉

I will still be active on my Etsy and Facebook pages (Etsy & Facebook) so watch for me there.

For the record, I am NOT giving up. AT ALL. Blogging has been my dream for a while. I absolutely love to write. I really, really do.

Did I need to make a whole post about this? No, probably not. But now I have to be accountable for my actions and get my shit together.

Maybe this is good news for you because I was clogging up your news feed or maybe this is bad news because you actually enjoy my posts. I will never know. Just please hold on for me 🙂 I’ll be back to more frequent and HIGH QUALITY posts soon…you just wait.

2 thoughts on “WHAT. THE. WHAT.

  1. Yes! I could have written this myself, I too try to scramble to get out a post yet the quality suffers. Hoping to regroup like you 🙂

  2. I think it's amazing you even find time to blog! I have resorted to just sharing pictures on Instagram.

    Please, never label your post as slacking or low quality. (But I get your point: quantity doesn't surpass quality.)

    I always enjoy your posts. I always think they are just the right length. This crazy on-the-go mom doesn't have all the time in the world to read long posts. If I can read it while using the washroom (did I just say that out loud) it's the perfect length. ��
    Anyways, I enjoy your posts whenever they pop up. ��
    Being a can do/will do all mom is hard! Give yourself some credit! I sure do!

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