Mason Jar Herb Garden


Sorry, I’m done.

I love love love when the weather gets nice out. I decided that this Spring I wanted to garden. No idea how or what to do, but I want to do it. I made some clay pots a few weeks ago and it was time to fill them. I planted some flowers in them and then decided I wanted to do a small herb garden because I have no patience whatsoever and I can start these in my house.

I started to do some research and instead of settling on something after lots of reading, I did what I do best – I got incredibly overwhelmed and decided to do it on my own.

I have been seeing mason jars being used as planters and I also have a slight obsession to anything shabby chic lately, which includes burlap, mason jars and chalkboards. I would cover my house in all of these 3 things if I didn’t think it would mean my husband would go insane. I seriously have no idea how he hasn’t yet anyway.

I painted the glass jars like I did for my pencil holders, but this time I didn’t paint them so that they were solid, if that makes sense. I did 2 layers (don’t forget to rub them down with rubbing alcohol first – this is very important. Remember, I’m lazy, so if there is a step to skip, I’d tell you) of white chalkboard paint. Then I took black paint and brushed a few strokes across the front for a spot to write what kind of herb it was. Then I did 3 layers of varnish (Hobby Lobby has a few options, but this is what I use.) After that, I took my trusty chalkboard coating (guys, I swear Hobby Lobby doesn’t pay me) and put it over the black paint.

Then I found this super cute green box in my second favorite store – the Target Dollar Spot. That damn place gets me EVERY. TIME.

So we’ll see how the basil grows! Wish us luck!

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