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Since we moved into our new house, my priorities were all over the place – my first being the kitchen. I felt like I needed to get it unpacked so quickly so we wouldn’t be going out to eat all the time. I think it took me about a week to get it unpacked. So it was a lot of frozen meals that I had made before R was born – yeah! I was so proud of us for not going out to eat while waiting for the kitchen to be unpacked.

Anyway, then came the play room so I could keep D occupied while unpacking the rest of the house. Then I was just trying to get things ready that are in plain view – living room, family room downstairs, dining room, my craft room (it’s sort of out in the open downstairs.) So because of all of this, our bedroom took a total back seat. I cleaned it out today but only because we’re having R’s baptism on Sunday and we’re having the party at our house after – eeeeek!

Over the weekend I did our bathroom. We have this huge bathtub and some shelf space around the tub.

Side note – I hate the color of the walls in here…and the color of the bathtub. The shower is that color too. Can’t wait to change it!

These 2 shelves are just screaming “PUT SOMETHING ON ME!” For a while we had just random stuff sitting there. Things that didn’t have homes. Lots of R+F stuff! 😉

I went to my most favorite place in the whole wide world – Hobby Lobby – when their glass items were on sale (50% off). I picked up these jars and decided to fill them with fun stuff! Cotton balls, bath salts, bath fizzies & q-tips.

They also had these 2 trays for 50% off that I snagged up. I also grabbed a little candle holder that I turned into an air freshener (post on that next week!)

I used the other basket for the nail polish station. I struggled with putting the glass jars in the basket or not. I took to a little Home Design group I am a part of on Facebook (because I absolutely such at designing) and the general consensus was to keep the basket.

Aaaaaand just a shameless plug here – I finally threw out all of our old face products (and shaving products for Dan) and this is all we need on the counter now….

PS….It cost me under $50 for all those jars and the wicker trays. The glass goes on sale pretty much every other weekend and I’m pretty sure the trays and baskets are on sale every week. I love that place!

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