DIY Moisturizing Bath Fizzies

My kids LOVE bath time. Reagan calms down instantly when she is put into the bath and does not stop smiling while she’s in there. It is my favorite night(s) of the week when she gets a bath because I get to watch her smile and coo. As opposed to most of her evenings which are filled with lots of screaming.

Dylan loves baths too. For a while he went through a phase where he hated them. This was the kid that would spend 4 hours in the bath if I let him. We discovered the bath tabs that change the water colors and then I looked up some more ideas to get him interested. That’s when I came across bath fizzies.

The first batch I made were very crumbly so I knew when they were gone, I needed to find a new recipe. He went through them just before we moved so I kept telling him he needed to wait until we moved to make more. He has been very patient but asking a lot about when I was making new ones. I decided to reward him today!

These bath fizzies contain coconut oil but you can pretty much use any kind of oil you want. The important thing to remember with bath fizzies is this – 2 parts baking soda to 1 part citric acid. You can add oils, essential oils, food coloring, whatever. But when you add your liquid (water, witch hazel), do it with a spray bottle. If you dump water on, it’s going to make the citric acid fizz and then you’re not going to have anything left to fizz when it’s put into the bath.

Let’s get started….

*1 cup baking soda
*1/2 cup citric acid
*3 tablespoons coconut oil
*Water in a spray bottle
*Food coloring (if desired)
*Essential oil (if desired)

*Mix the coconut oil with your food coloring (side note, I tried to make purple and only used 4 drops of blue and 3 drops of red. It’s essentially white. Use lots of color)
*In a different bowl, mix together the baking soda and citric acid.
*Add the 2 mixtures together and mix, mix, mix until your color is solid.
*Add drops of essential oil (Dylan chose orange! I used 25 drops)
***Side note, you can stop here and your mixture will not get hard so it is just a powder you can scoop into your bath***
*Start spraying the water (or witch hazel) in one spritz at a time.
*Mix after each spritz.
*Spray and mix until it is a consistency of wet sand – the kind where you can make a super cool sand castle (Ugh, I wish I were on a beach)

I think I spritzed a total of 4 times before it was ready.

*Scoop your mixture into your molds. You should do this quickly because it will start to dry.
*Pack them in as tight as you possibly can. I filled them all the way, but they expand, so I should’ve under filled them.

The top picture was right after packing them and the bottom picture was one hour later – you can see how much they expand.

I think next time I will fill them actually halfway so I can get more out of one batch.

Some recipes I have seen say to leave them in the molds overnight and some say take them out after 10 minutes and put them on a cooling rack to dry. I popped a few out after an hour and they were still a little soft on the bottom, but a few hours after that, they were all ready to be handled and mine are super thick.

Like most things I make for Dylan, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on these little guys!

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