DIY No Sew Fabric Window Garland

On the weekends, I think it drives my husband crazy when I craft. I think it drives him crazy when I craft at any time in the week, but especially crazy on the weekends. But he didn’t seem to mind this one – because it is a Christmas craft and he loves Christmas.

This one I actually did not see on Pinterest! WOW! I just had some left over Christmas fabric from when I tried to make some place mats last year. That’s how non-crafty I am with the sewing machine. I couldn’t even make place mats. I’m terrible.

We have this bay window in our dining room and every time I get a look at it, I feel like it’s so naked and something is definitely missing. As I was unpacking my craft room, I found the super cute Christmas fabric from last year. I also have tons of jute cord. BAM. Done.

*Coordinating fabric
*Jute cord or ribbon

I started by measuring my window. It is about 60 inches long, but I wanted it to hang down a bit so I added a few inches. Then I measured how long I wanted the string to hang down beside the windows – 60 inches on each side.

I then cut a strip of the green fabric about 20 inches long and 2 inches wide. It ended up being the same length as one of the folds so I cut right up the fold. You can do any size you’d like, but remember to to make it a twice as long as you want it to hang down and add an inch or 2 because it needs to be tied to the rope.

Then I just ferociously cut more strips. Once I felt like I was done, I found the middle of the rope and started tying the strips to the rope. I folded it in half and laid the rope on top of it.

Then I took the bottom ends and fed them through the hole at the top.

Then I tugged on the ends of the fabric, but not too tight because I knew I wanted to move it around on the rope.

So it should look like a necktie. If only tying a necktie was that easy.

I just started tying to the right of this piece of fabric because this piece was smack dab in the middle. Once I got a good way down the rope, I measured 60 inches from the end of the rope (so this 60 inches is how long it’s going to hang down from the corner of the window) to see where I needed to end. I spaced them out until they looked good to me and then tied more fabric on the left side of the middle, first piece of fabric.

When I hung it on my window, I had to hammer a small nail on each end of the window frame and I wrapped the cord around the nail. This ended up shortening my ends down the side of the window, but I still liked the length. It did hang down a bit too much across the window so I added a nail to the middle of the window frame to pull it up – Hubby’s idea!

I am seriously in love with this thing. I am pretty sure I’m going to make one for each holiday 🙂 I have tons of fabric in my basement to use for it.

Happy crafting!

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