DIY No-Sew Pacifier Clips

You will most likely never see a tutorial from me that involves sewing. At least not for a while. I am awful at it. I did try my hand at pacifier clips in a past life (think: pre-Dylan) but they looked terrible. So we just used them around the house.

Enter: Reagan. Poor little girl already has blue stuff everywhere because she uses her brother’s things so I thought I would make her some pacifier clips – about 3 days after we got home from the hospital. I don’t mess around. Little girl needs pink crap!

These are so super easy. All you need is this….

*Grosgrain ribbon (I used 5/8″ ribbon)
*Hot glue gun
*Adhesive velcro (during this entire project, I had “Sexy Back” by JT stuck in my head because the package said “Sticky Back…”
*Fray Check
*Suspender clips
*Embellishments (optional)

Very simple directions.

Cut your ribbon to your desired length. Remember you are going to lose about 2-3 inches when you fold over the ends. I did about 8 inches. Please don’t make it too long to where it can get wrapped around anything. And don’t leave babies unattended with these!

Add a little Fray Check to the ends of each ribbon. You can also burn it a little with a lighter. This will prevent it from fraying.

Fold over one end and slip on the mitten / suspender clip. Remember to put it on facing the right way. (please excuse my horribly painted nails!) Note: You can also just hot glue these ends together and save the velcro just for the pacifier end.

Un fold the ribbon, take off the clip and attach the velcro to itself. Stick one sticky side on one end of the ribbon.

Fold the end over and attach it to the ribbon. Open it up and you’ll have this…

Repeat these steps for the other side. Slip the paci in before velcroing it shut.

Hot glue your embellishment to the clip.

Ta da!

Wasn’t that easy?! And cheap! So cheap. My 2 favorite things when it comes to projects! 🙂

Happy crafting!

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