Meal Planning Monday – 2 ingredient pulled pork sandwiches

Seriously. I am not kidding. 2 ingredients!

My mom actually told me about this recipe. She uses root beer and we usually do, too but we decided to use cherry coke this time.

I forgot to take a before picture 🙁 Sorry!

All you need is:

*A pork butt / shoulder
*A 2 liter bottle of cherry coke

That’s. It.

Mine was 7.5 pounds and I added half of the cherry coke because that’s all that would fit in the crock pot. So guess what I drank for the rest of the day?! I set it on low and it was done in 5 hours. This was 3:00 in the afternoon. So I shredded it and let it all soak in the cherry coke on warm until it was time to eat. It was not dry AT ALL.

I don’t like cooking my pork in bbq sauce because my husband and I have VERY different views on what is spicy and D doesn’t like bbq sauce. So we add our own sauce after. I didn’t even add sauce. My husband added Sweet Baby Ray’s hot sauce and some cole slaw on his sandwich.

FYI, the rolls we used are from Target’s bakery and they’re delicious. Just plain old hamburger buns, uncut. They were in the freezer for about 3 weeks so I was worried that they would be gross when defrosted but they were so soft and yummy.


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