Foam + Water + Glass = lots of fun!

When I went on my shopping spree at The Dollar Tree, I came across these sheets of foam.

So, naturally, I snagged them up because they were $1 and I knew there was something I could do with them. Enter glass door, water and tupperware container.

All I did was cut up the sheets into squares and rectangles so D could create whatever he wanted from them. Towers, buildings, houses, dogs, whatever. And he did!

He was also able to talk about colors, sizes, etc. You could do this on either side of the door. If you’re doing it inside, I would suggest putting a towel down under the door. This is a great rainy day activity too. All you have to do is add a little bit of water to a container and let them dip the foam pieces into the water. Or you could use a spray bottle and spray the door first, but I don’t quite trust D with a spray bottle just yet!

When you’re all done, just empty out the bucket and dry up the door / window. You can store the foam in the bucket (I did not use all of the foam for this project. Again, I will find something else to do with it! 🙂

Happy creating!

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