“Are You Ready?”

**DISCLAIMER: This is not directed at anyone in particular, nor is it meant to make anyone feel bad for asking a pregnant woman “are you ready?”**

I know Fridays are saved for educational posts, but this is my blog so I make the rules 😉

I have realized that when you are pregnant, there are only a few questions that people ask you as you get further and further along…

“Are you so done being pregnant?” (this is especially popular when you’re pregnant in the summer months)
“How are you feeling?”
“Do you have names picked out?”
“Are you ready?”

I have to admit, I had very different answers for both pregnancies. When I was pregnant with D, my answers were always “No, I’m not done being pregnant. He can stay in there as long as he wants. I feel great. Yes, we have names but we’re not telling. And no, I’m not ready.”

With this pregnancy, my answers are much, much different: “Yes, I am completely done being pregnant. I feel like absolute garbage (If I’m being honest). Yes, a girl name, but not a boy name. And we’re still not telling. And no, I’m definitely not ready.”

I always walk away thinking long and hard about one of those questions though – “Are you ready?”

Is anyone really ever truly “ready” to become a parent? Someone asked me the other day at the dentist office if I was ready and my (new) answer was (before I could shut my mouth), “I’m still not ready for him, and he’s 3.” She kind of just stared at me, like she should’ve called DCFS on me or something. I still have a hard time hearing him call me “mommy” – shoot, I still have a hard time saying I have a husband or that I am a wife and that’s been 6 years. Forget about adjusting to “fiancee” when that was happening for a year.

So, I compiled some honest, truthful answers to the pregnancy question: “Are you ready?”

Yes, I’m ready to not get heartburn with literally everything I drink or eat, regardless of how much Zantac and Tums I’ve consumed.

Yes, I am ready to be able to paint my own toenails.

Yes, I’m ready to be able to get off the couch or get out of bed without moaning in pain.

Yes, I’m ready to take something stronger than Tylenol for my headaches and body aches.

Yes, I’m ready to not have disgusting swollen feet (well, basically swollen everything) regardless of how much water I’ve been drinking or the weather outside.

Yes, I’m ready to not have to weigh the options in the middle of the night – get out of bed and deal with the pain, or just pee the bed?

Yes, I’m ready to be able to be active with my son again.

Yes, I am ready for a delicious ice cold beer.

Yes, I’m ready to be on my feet for longer than 60 seconds without them itching.

Yes, I’m ready to cook dinner while not sitting in a chair.

Yes, I’m ready to not have to wince in pain or want to puke each time my unborn child decides to switch positions.

No, I’m not ready to have 2 in diapers (please, D! Let’s go!)

No, I’m not ready to have to explain breastfeeding to my 3 year old.

No, I’m not ready for figuring out how to divide my attention between 2 kids after my husband goes back to work.

Have no fear, I am a positive person…

Yes, I’m ready to find out the sex of my baby.

Yes, I’m ready to see what he / she looks like.

Yes, I’m ready to see the sibling relationship between my 2 kids.

Yes, I’m ready to see my husband care for a newborn again.

Yes, I’m ready to hold my beautiful baby in my arms finally.

So, am I ready? The simple answer: I am as ready as I’ll ever be.

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