DIY Hand painted vase

Hello, DIYers!

When I did my post on the sensory bins at The Dollar Tree, I seriously went crazy at that store. One of the items I picked up was a $1 glass flower vase. I had been wanting to try painting it with acrylic paint. Since we are moving, I have to give things away I make so we don’t have to move it with us (love you Hubby!) So in making this, I had my mom’s beautiful kitchen in mind. She has lots of blues in there and I have lots of blue paint. Let’s get started, shall we?

Here is what I used:

*$1 vase from The Dollar Tree
*Various colored Acrylic paints (I absolutely love Americana for acrylic paints!)
*Wax paper

All you do is squirt out your paint, dab your q-tip in said paint and dab it on the vase until you get your desired picture. (The wax paper is used to put the paint on.) A lot of blogs tell you to use the back end of a paint brush but I liked the way this looked better.

After you’re done painting, put the vase in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes so the paint can set.

That’s it. So easy. Have I ever steered you in the wrong direction when it comes to easy DIY’s? No, never 🙂


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