DIY Tulle Candy Corn Wreath

As much as I hate to say goodbye to summer (Snookie WAAAHHH!), it happens every year.  I love summer, but can totally dig some cute fall crafts.

We are trying to sell our house right now and it’s not really recommended to decorate a lot. So I have been bombarding my pinterest search bar with wreaths. Fall, winter, spring, summer, you name it. So I thought I would do a Halloween one.

My husband LOVES candy corn. As soon as it’s on the shelves, I am required to buy it. I am pretty sure it was in our wedding vows. So when I think of Halloween, I think of candy corn. So I decided to make my wreath a candy corn theme.

GUYS, this was the simplest DIY craft I have ever done, to date. I ran into NO SNAGS (GASP!) and finished it during nap time. Here we go…

Here are your supplies:
*Rolls of tulle – 6 inches x 25 yards (orange, yellow and white. I already had white in my craft stash – score! Also, tulle was on sale at Hobby Lobby this week – 50% off).
*A white styrafoam wreath outline thingy. I don’t really know the technical term. I used a 12 inch and I still had leftover tulle.
*Ribbon – I really wanted to use candy corn ribbon but Hobby Lobby failed me (GASP!) and they didn’t have any, so I used a Halloween Trick or Treat ribbon.

1. Cut your tulle into strips. I did 12 inches, but if you want bigger ones, go for it. Cut a bigger piece and tie it on the wreath and see how long you want it.
2. Once you have cut up most of the tulle, grab 2 of the same color and lay them on top of each other. Start tying a knot around the wreath. I did a double knot so it would stay. Alternate colors until you’re done. Seriously. It’s that easy.
3. Tie a ribbon on the top to hang it.

I found it easiest to hold the wreath in between my legs to keep it in place. When I got to the end, my OCD’s came into play and I couldn’t leave it in a wrong pattern, so I pushed them around to make room and finished the pattern.

I am in a wreath making mood now. I am probably going to make one for each holiday / season. Sorry Dan.

Happy Crafting!

4 thoughts on “DIY Tulle Candy Corn Wreath

  1. So cute! I am always looking for cute easy Halloween decorations because of Will's birthday. I will be trying this one Regis year 🎃. Thanks!

  2. Super cute! I need a new wreath for the door in our kitchen – will definitely be making one of these! Plus it gives me an excuse to take a trip to Hobby Lobby for some tulle 🙂

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