Happy Saturday afternoon! I need your help…

Hello blog readers! I am reaching out to all moms and dads….I need your help!

When I thought about blogging, I knew there was one blog post I really, really wanted to do. I wanted to create a series of posts that helped pregnant moms, their partners, new parents, etc. When I was pregnant, there were some things that happened to my body (and mind) that I would forget to ask the doctor (or be too embarrassed, honestly) and I felt so lost because I had never heard of it before. So when I finally reached out to a friend or family member, I realized I was not the only one who had to go through it.

I need some advice from you guys, my readers, Facebook friends and Instagram followers. What are one or two things you wish someone had told you about trying to conceive or pregnancy, up until childbirth? ANYTHING. I want this to be raw and real. Don’t hold back. Your comments will absolutely be anonymous. You can include your demographics (ie age, how many children, etc) if you’d like but it’s not neccesary. But PLEASE include if you were pregnant or you were the partner of someone who is / was pregnant so I can separate. Even if it’s ONE THING. Just email it to me (mostlyundercontrol@gmail.com), comment on my Instagram, message me on Facebook, whatever!

I will be doing a whole series, so child birth and having an infant will be next. After that, having a toddler (so. much. fun :/) But right now I’m focusing on trying to conceive and pregnancy.

Thanks for your help!

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