Surprise Post Sunday! DIY Bisquick

Happy Sunday!

This is a DIY recipe I have been dieing to try. Literally (I love the misuse of the word “literally.” Guilty)

This one has been floating around pinterest for a while so I finally got to it. I don’t know what I was waiting for – it took about 10-15 minutes (not 5 like the recipe says, but I’ll explain why….)

It’s a DIY Bisquick recipe and it’s fantastic. You can use it for pancakes, waffles, biscuits, anything. Basically just google things you can do with Bisquick and substitute this stuff.

I started off by buying all the ingredients (duh), most of which I already had on hand. Something you need to know about me and flour – we do not get along, but I am like a magnet with flour. If there is flour in a recipe, even as little as one tablespoon, you can pretty much rest assured that I will get flour all over me and every inch of space within 5 feet of me. It’s like that scene in Full House when Uncle Jesse’s family is in town from Greece and they’re baking in the kitchen and they get flour all over themselves. Come on, I KNOW you remember it. Don’t pretend like you don’t.

Watch the first 20 seconds of this video to refresh your memory….

Anyway, that’s me…here’s an example…this is actually pretty tame and was only about 5 minutes in. It’s like I open the container and a little fairy sprays me with flour.

*5 cups of flour
*1/4 cup baking powder (this is 4 tablespoons or 12 teaspoons. I had to use 12 teaspoons because my 1/4 cup measuring cup and the tablespoon guy didn’t fit in the container)
*2 teaspoons sugar
*1 teaspoon salt
*1 cup butter flavored shortening or butter 

Mix together in a kitchen aid mixer or food processor. Store in an airtight container for up to 6 weeks. Ours will not last this long because we will use it.

So in the recipe, they say you can use butter or butter flavored shortening. If you use butter, you have to store it in the fridge. I chose butter flavored shortening. My mixer had a hard time breaking it up, so I would recommend cutting it into pads before using the mixer. You will get the shortening up on the sides, like this…

So just keep scraping it down and continuing to mix (I used my whisk attachment). Once it’s like sort of wet sand, you are good to go. That’s it! I bought a 2 qt glass container from Target to store it on the counter next to my flour, sugar and brown sugar containers. Doesn’t take up too much space.

This morning I used it to make pancakes and added some blueberries. Here’s the recipe she uses (this made 8 regular sized pancakes):

*2 cup mix
*2 eggs
*1 cup milk

*2 cups mix
*1 1/3 cups milk
*2 tablespoons melted butter
*1 egg yolk
*1 egg white beaten to fluff

*1 cup mix
*1/3 cup milk

Do not overstir! Drop onto a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 450 for 10-12 minutes.

It couldn’t be any simpler! I also am trying to make some pancake muffins (stay tuned) but had a huge fail…So I will try again this week 🙂

For a laugh, here’s what my mixer looked like when I was done….so. much. flour.

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