Hello, Blog World!

Hello out there!

I just wanted to take my first entry to explain a little bit about myself and my intentions. 🙂

I live near Chicago with my husband, son, (soon to be #2 son or daughter), dog and cat. Recently I became an accidental stay at home mom and have been climbing the walls alongside my 3 year old. I have always had a job and have been in Early Childhood Education – my passion – for about 10 years. Throughout high school and college, I have always been told I am a great writer.  I have always wanted to try my hand at blogging, but my excuse was always “I don’t have time.” Since I’m home now, I decided to try.

The name comes from my life (and the struggle to find a name I wanted that wasn’t taken!) I always tell people I have my life “mostly under control,” and when trying to think of a name, it just popped in my head and I thought about it for quite some time and just couldn’t come up with anything else. The few people that I told right away all said it was awesome. Forget the fact that they were my family and close friends so they probably had to say that, but it seemed genuine! 😉

PS, thanks to my “focus group” – the group that helped me pick out a logo and name. You know who you are 😉

Throughout this blog you will find recipes of my own, reviews of recipes from my family and friends (and my Mess Hall friends – shamless plug – check out my facebook page!), educational ideas to do at home with the kiddos (or if you’re a teacher you can do them at school), some really detailed instructions on DIY projects (because I always feel like they’re not detailed enough) and some new listings from my Etsy shop and ideas on what to do with them.

I also sell Thirty-One and Rodan + Fields (so you may see that throughout once in a while) and have an Etsy shop. I was nervous about debuting this blog because I was afraid that people would think I was crazy for doing it all. But you know what, I’m keeping it all Mostly Under Control 🙂

I am super excited for people to read and get something out of this. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have a DIY project you’re stuck on and would like to see written out or a recipe you’d like to see done. I’d love to help.

Happy reading, friends!

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